Being a stay home mom is also a profession. But this is giving you the privilege to be the boss of your own creation. You just have to manage everything in the house even the little things that need to be done. I’m a hands-on parent and a hands-on part owner of the house. Well I still have my good husband providing well the needs of the family (and the house too!). I have all the time to blog what I want since I retired already a year ago. This blogging becomes really interesting day by day. It’s like I’m living the life (of freedom) that I really wanted to have.

So why home improvement? Well you know the answer! There’s a lot of information that moms like us needed when we are set to do a household chore, even at buying appliances, or even utensils or a piece of cloth for our dining table. The tasks we are facing everyday include interior decorating, carpentry, cleaning, maintenance, cooking and a lot more. At first, I felt like doing it like a fresh graduate from school without even having a related mastery in the field. So it’s all about learning too, and of course finding ways how I’ll enjoy learning them. You just have to win every challenging task, it’s not a stress for me (I have to note that), it’s like an outlet of relieving my stress and fear, just like when we win over a fun pillow fight when we were kids. It could be messy, it could even hurt you at times, but it’s always fun!

Expect to read a variety of topics about home design, home organization and home improvement in general.

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