Dirt Devil Kone Vs. Dirt Devil Kurv

Dirt devil has provides consumers with great varieties of products for generations. Dirt Devil doesn’t just make vacuum cleaners, their world of products is designed to make lives easier for all consumers in all areas of their homes.

Dirt Devil Kone Vacuum Cleaner

The Dirt Devil Kone is a slight and simple design. It is a handheld vacuum cleaner with a 7.2 volt motor. The slick design of the kone offers customers six color options. The colors are available in blue, champagne, charcoal, and plum and white.

The kone is quite affordable to purchase. The off colors (except for white) cost a minimum of $44.99. To purchase the white kone vacuum, the customer will spend $42.99. The shape of this vacuum cleaner reminds me of the movie, “Cone heads.” The name of the product fits the vacuum to a tee. This small vacuum weighs only 1.9 pounds, a very light machine to use.

Dirt Devil Kurv Vacuum Cleaner

The Dirt Devil Kurv has a much curvier appearance with a 9.6 motor. The kurv vacuum is a much more expensive. It will cost you at least $55 dollars to purchase. The colors are not as available as other vacuums. The color schemes that Dirt Devil chose for the Kurv are Chocó-latte, champagne, spice and harbor blue. This product weighs only 2 pounds. It is still light weight and easy to use.

Both vacuums are slick and elegant for the customer purchase. The slick designs offer a much more convenient storage options. Dirt devil has put together two vacuums that require no tools to assemble the vacuums .The features for both vacuums are quite similar. The two handheld vacuums are bag less and have replaceable filters. Dirt Devil has given consumers a three year warranty for both products.

If price is the concern, the kone is your better option. But a few dollars more you can have a vacuum cleaner with a much more powerful motor. The design, price and motor are a few of the differences between the two cordless vacuums.

The differences between the vacuums are quite noticeable. The shapes of the two products are the most noticeable difference as well as the tag price. The colors are limited to the kurv. This cordless machine doesn’t have the color options that the kone has to offer.

As a consumer, the price and design are what really set the two vacuum cleaners apart. The weight difference isn’t a big factor in shopping for a vacuum.


The evolution of Dirt Devil products won’t stop there. This company is best known for their wide selection of products for consumers. Dirt Devil provides customers with products that provide great quality and service. This company doesn’t put a product onto the market unless it knows for sure it is a good product that is worth purchasing and that will last a long time.

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