A “Problem-Free” Bathroom Remodeling is Possible

Bathroom remodeling can be the most expensive remodeling project of any room in the house. To add insult to injury, it’s also one of the smallest rooms of the house. But packed into that small space is a complex design of wiring and plumbing that can’t necessarily be altered without hiring a professional with a lot of experience like alpharetta plumbers and this requires you to have a substantial budget for the remodeling. For example, a toilet can’t be relocated at all without some drastic changes to the plumbing that is connected into in. So, before you begin your remodeling project, a well thought out plan has to be devised to finish the job without shrinking your bank account.

It’s estimated that it would cost approximately $26,000 to fully remodel a bathroom. Whether you’re able or willing to spend that kind of money needs to be established with what kind of look you are planning to achieve in your bathroom. Another consideration is how long you plan on living in the home. If the answer is around five years, a total bathroom makeover might be a good investment into the home. To figure that out, you have to determine the value of your home without the cost of the improvements that you have already done, if there is any. Then try to find out the value of homes in your neighborhood. If the improvements will bring your home’s value to the neighborhood’s value, the remodeling will pay for itself in the long run. If not, scale back the type of improvements that you are planning to do. If you plan on occupying the home for a longer period, family comfort should be the biggest concern for the job.

Before you begin the project, have your plan thought out to match your budget. If you’re planning on doing the project yourself, you’ll have a little more leeway when it comes to the price of the job. But, if you’re going to hire a contractor, you’ll need to figure in the cost of labor into your budget. And you have to understand that an estimate is just that, an estimate. There is no way to tell what kind of repair may need to be done as you tear apart walls and pull flooring up for replacement. Wall studs and sub flooring can take a beating in a bathroom as there are so many water supplies and drains. Just one overflowing toilet can get into the sub flooring and may require a replacement depending on how much water has made it in to the material, especially in older model homes. Newer plywood is treated for bathroom floors to protect it but this kind of treatment wasn’t so readily available thirty years ago. So, your budget must have a substantial amount of buffer in case of any surprises that may arise along the way.

If in case of unexpected costs and your budget won’t be able to cover the entire job, then consider dropping some of the luxuries of the additions. Towel warmers and whirlpool tubs are great as long as they can be paid for without bending the budget to its breaking point.

Once you have your budget planned, make sure you stick to it, especially if you’re doing the job yourself. A contractor won’t be so inclined to upgrade a certain fixture being replaced as it would eat into his labor profits. The homeowner, on the other hand, may see a better, or fancier, tub instead of the one budgeted and decide to buy it without considering the budget. Keep your budget paperwork in your hand when shopping for the replacement fixtures to keep yourself in check.

Problems will always arise when doing home improvements, whether they are big or small. But if you’ve devised a good plan and stick to your budget, then even the largest of problems shouldn’t set you back in completing your project. But then again, if you think hiring the best contractors will save you time and effort in the process, and if you have a decent budget for the project, you can always ask for assistance. Some contractors are still very considerate in giving you better and affordable options. PlumbWise is on top of my list.

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