Alternative Energy Options for Your Climate

While the government seems to be doing little in terms of moving toward alternative energy there are some options for you, as a home owner, to make the move yourself. You may think that there is not enough sun for solar panels, and you could be right, but this does not mean that you do not have an alternative energy option available for your climate. Learn more about the best alternative energy options for your specific climate here.

The most practical, and cheapest in terms of start up costs, alternative energy option is surely solar power. If you live in a sunny climate then solar power may be just what you need to start saving big on your electric bill and reduce your negative impact on the environment. One thing that many people do not realize is that sunny climates provide so many solar benefits besides just solar panels. If you have a pool you can actually heat your water for free. A simple pump that sends water through black PVC pipes on your roof and cycles the water back into your pool can easily raise your pools temperature quickly as the pipes get very hot in the sun. There are even solar water heaters available, which will reduce your electrical bills greatly by not having to pay for hot water. Sunny climates provide some great solar energy options.

Maybe you live in a climate which is best described as rainy and stormy. You still have a great alternative energy option here, the wind. Wind turbines are much cheaper than they previously were and are available in all sizes, not just those huge ones that you see in wind turbine farms. Even if constant storms and rain prevent you from being able to harness solar power you still have the wind as a great source for alternative energy.

If you live somewhere in between then a combination wind turbine and solar power system can work great. For the climate which has sunny days, but not enough of them, and windy days, but not all the time, a mix of solar panels and wind turbines can be used to power your home.

Hopefully you can see that there are great alternative energy options for you and your home, no matter what your specific climate may be like. Start saving money and reducing your carbon footprint with one, or more, of these alternative energy options that suits your climate today.

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